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Advanced Retinal Imaging
IISCIENCE Imaging Technology develops and manufactures eye imaging systems, tools, and software. We enable researchers to easily capture and explore high resolution images of animals at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems.
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Products and Services
In the fast moving modern world, professional labs and research teams simply can't compete unless they have the best equipment available. However, with bio-imaging device prices skyrocketing over the past decade, this is becoming more and more difficult to do. With in-house development and manufacturing teams, IISCIENCE has finally made it possible to have the best of both worlds.
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Cutting Edge Software
With custom software developed exclusively for IISCIENCE products, your research no longer has to be restricted by the limitations of standard imaging programs. Advanced capabilities and the latest exploratory features means you'll always be ready to quickly analyze and modify your images in whatever way your project requires.
retina imaging software
Pixel Perfect Imaging
International Outreach
With offices in both South Korea and the United States, IISCIENCE Imaging Technologies provides complete imaging systems to professional labs and research teams around the world. No matter your location or language, our team is ready to provide you with all the enhanced eye imaging equipment you need.
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