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Retimera: Complete Eye
Imaging System
The IISCIENCE "Retimera" is a multi-imaging modality camera for animal eye research. This complete eye imaging system includes the advanced iiSviewer software and everything you need to research retina diseases and explore the eye in-depth. Built with our high-power LED technology, Retimera camera provides years of advanced imaging at an affordable price than what comparable alternatives have to offer.
The Ultimate Eye Imaging System
Perfect for small and mid-sized lab spaces, Retimera provides the power of advanced imaging in a compact, lightweight package. Both easy to setup and use, this camera system enables your team of researchers the ability to turn a small work space into a complete eye research station. Known for its high fidelity, reliability, and durability, this cutting-edge imaging system will enhance your lab with the latest technology and modern capabilities for years to come.
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The latest technology and the highest quality imaging in a compact, durable system
IISCIENCE is one of the only companies to completely design and manufacture our cameras under one roof. Not only does this give us complete control over every aspect of our devices and software, but provide you with the highest levels of customer service and care throughout the long life of your device.
Imaging Sensor
Choose from either of our advanced imaging sensors - Color or Mono.
Field of View
All cameras include a 45 degree imaging size so that you can see every detail.
Imaging Modes
Options for both color or mono imaging with Fluorescein angiography, ICG, or customized options.
Saving Mode
Capture still photos or record videos straight to your laptop for immediate review and secure storage.
Light Source
Our cameras use the high quality and powerful LED light sources and can be customized for unique wavelengths.
White Balance Mode
Color imaging cameras include manual white balancing options. Not available for mono cameras.
Gray Imaging Display
Our color imaging cameras include manual gray imaging display options. Not available for mono cameras.
Computer Compatibility
The Retimera Eye Imaging System is compatible with most Window-based laptops.
Advanced Software
iiSviewer imaging acquisition and analysis software includes image stabilization and other advanced photo features.
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Exceptional Imaging & Detail
Retimera provides multi-imaging modes using a variety of Angiography dyes and the imaging power to see blood vessels and even small capillaries. A large field of view provides exceptional image quality of both the central and peripheral retinal areas and blood vessel map.
Complete System, At A Fair Price
Fully developed and manufactured in our own offices, IISCIENCE's Retimera cameras are both drastically less expensive and engineered to meet the highest standards of excellence and reliability in your research lab. Of course if you do have problems, immediate support and assistance is always just a click or call away.
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